St Josephs Church Corlea


The church at Corlea appears on an Ordinance map made in November 1836 as a rectangular building. Alterations were made to it by Fr. Patrick Curry C.C. (1869-1871), when the chapel was enlarged and changed into its present cruciform shape.

In 1985, Fr. John Moorehead carried out extensive renovations to the church and it was again refurbished in 1993 by Fr. Farrell. This included total rewiring, re-flooring and re-seating of the three galleries, reorganisation of the sanctuary and the installation of a new marble ambo and chair, the removal of two old confessionals and the provision of a new one built into the sacristy; the installation of a new public address system;  repairs to the roof and complete interior and exterior decoration. The work was blessed by Bishop Smith on 6 June 1993.

To mark the great Jubilee of 2000 the Corlea Church Committee decided to install a traditional style sanctuary lamp and to replace the glass of two windows in the nave by stained glass representations of two angels in attitude of adoration before the Lord. The Jubilee celebrations were planned for the Feast of the Holy Family on December 30 2000. Bishop Michael Smith was the principal celebrant at the Jubilee Mass, after which, he blessed and dedicated the new windows and Sanctuary Lamp. Some new seating in one of the galleries was also installed during the Jubilee year.