We are very sorry to hear of the death of your loved one.

Facing the death of a loved one is a very painful experience and draws upon our deepest emotions both mentally and spiritually.

If at any time now or in the future, you feel you need the support or a ‘listening ear’, we would be glad to help you.

Through a team of volunteers the parish reaches out to support, to comfort and console those whose loved one has died. Whatever your bereavement, be it the death of a parent, spouse, brother, sister, child, relative or friend, we will do our best to help you in every way possible.

* Members  of Kingscourt Bethany Bereavement Support Team will be available in the Parish Centre after 10am Mass each 1st Friday.

* There is a 5 week Healing Programme held each Lent and November in the Parish Centre.

* One to one service available on request.

* Please do not hesitate to contact the Kingscourt Bethany Bereavement Support Team through the Parochial House at  042-9667314

Prayer in Time of Bereavement

Lord, you are close to the broken-hearted.

Be with me now in my grief and loneliness.

Give the courage to face my loss and not

to grieve in silence. Be with me as I struggle

with many different and painful feelings.

Ease the hurt in heart.

Encircle me in your love.

Help me to believe that one day I will no longer have this deep sorrow. May I find comfort in sharing my grief with those who understand me and the pain of my grief. Stay with me, support me. Help me to know that your power is at work within me as I deal with my grief.    Amen.

Kingscourt Bethany Bereavement Support Team

Last updated on 7th May 2019.