Points For The Parish

Pictured are David McNally and Fr. Gerry, from the Parish Finance Committee  with Gemma Dillon, Bernadette Lipsa, Catherine Carolan and Yvonne

Donnellon, Kingscourt superValu at the launch of the Points for the Parish in association with Kingscourt SuperValu.

Kingscourt Parish is delighted to announce an exciting new initiative in association with Kingscourt Super Valu.  Every time you scan your Super Valu Loyalty Card at the till, Super Valu Kingscourt will match those points.  These ‘matched’ points will go into a special Parish fund which will then be converted to cash.  It is important to emphasise that the customer will continue to receive all their points/benefits from their card as normal.  The customer is not giving their points to the Parish but rather Super Valu are matching whatever points they earn each time they scan their loyalty card.

How do I get started?

Sign up to the “Points for the Parish” Scheme by providing the 11 digit barcode number on the reverse of your “Loyalty Card” in the designated box at the back of the church or in store.  Alternatively, complete a registration form, provide the 11 digit barcode number at the back and start using their card every time you shop. Just remember to bring your Super Valu Loyalty Card with you and scan it every time you shop in Super Valu Kingscourt (no matter how small your shopping is).  Both you and the parish will accumulate points!


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